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There are a variety of plugins that modify the behavior of album. Furthermore, if you know a little perl, you can write your own!

Here is a list of individual plugins, as well as links to the plugin files.

Plugins require v3.10 or higher to run!

Plugin Description

Kevin Barter
Get the image caption from the Digikam description.    .. (expand)

   -digikam:usetags OPTIONAL Value can be X or nothing. If set to X,    the caption will contain the description of the    photo, as well as all of the tags for the photo (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Alternate method of getting exif info using exiftool, can also read IPTC metadata    .. (expand)

This is useful for Windows users that may have problems with jhead. (collapse)

Andreas K Huettel
Enables ouput of formatted GPS data in captions, e.g. google maps links.

Options: none

David Madison
Add a mouseover window to images that displays photo EXIF info.

Steven Schubiger
Reformat EXIF date/time with strftime() format string.

Scott J. Bertin
Adds audio to image pages.    .. (expand)

David Ljung Madison
Caption shortener    .. (expand)

You can change the option length with: -hide_shorten:length (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Converts dashes '-' to spaces ' ' for names. Only converts names based on files (as opposed to captions) Avoids converting dates "<num>-<num>"

David Ljung Madison
Video tagger    .. (expand)

You can change whether size is shown with the option -video_tag:size (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Paypal linker. Adds simple paypal links to each image.    .. (expand)

sunset.jpg Beautiful Sunset .50 Here is the caption (collapse)

David Madison
Pick directory thumbnail based on captions.txt file.    .. (expand)

Based on ideas from Dave Hansen <> (collapse)

Joey Richards
Specify an image for the directory thumbnail.

Reidar D. Midtun
Generates a Media RSS feed containing the album images. If the medium option is used, an additional media stream containing the medium resolution images is made. A link to the PicLens plugin and a link to launch a slide show using the PicLens plugin is added to the album header.

Jason Dufair
Generates an rss feed for recently added/updated albums and images

Igor S. Livshits
Generates RSS 2.0 feeds for recently added or changed items in albums Failed to invoke XML::RSS -- is it installed?

David Ljung Madison
Plugin: format/favicon    .. (expand)

   <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="//" /> (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Plugin: format/google_analytics    .. (expand)

And if so, please contact us and let us know! (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Plugin: format/image_protect    .. (expand)

Also see album's "-credit" option. (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Adds meta tags to the <head> section of album pages.

Thanks to Ty [tyr poczta fm] for the suggestion!

David Ljung Madison
Adds opengraph tags to the <head> section of album pages.

David Ljung Madison
Adds opengraph tags to the <head> section of album pages.

David Ljung Madison
Annotates medium images with a string of text such as a copyright tag. Copyright idea credit: Joe Botha

David Ljung Madison
Autorotates images based on EXIF captions. Uses 'jhead' program, and does rotation the first time it sees the image. Idea credit: Fridtjof Busse, who is too lazy to type jhead himself. :)

Scott J. Bertin
Uses enlightenment 'epeg' (or Image::Epeg if available) to scale jpegs.    .. (expand)

Requires epeg version or higher. (collapse)

Frank Breitling
Creates thumbnails via ExactImage or Image::ExactImage if available    .. (expand)

The author would like to acknowledge the 'images/epeg' plugin by Scott J. Bertin which served as a template, the constructive communication with David Ljung Madison which made him come up with this plugin and last but not least the ExactImage library. (collapse)

David Ljung Madison, Simon Oosthoek
Autorotates images based on EXIF captions. Uses 'jhead' program, and does rotation the first time it sees the image. Idea credit: Fridtjof Busse, who is too lazy to type jhead himself. :) .. (expand)

Significant speedup when images already exist by Simon Oosthoek. (collapse)

Zoltan Csala
Annotates *medium* images with a tiled string of text such as a copyright tag. Copyright idea credit: Joe Botha Implemented by: Zoltan Csala

David Ljung Madison
Caches the image size information in a database to speedup album generation. Bug: The xy database never gets cleaned. If you move images or alter them, it will just continue to grow. Remove it if it gets too big. .. (expand)

Thanks to Johann Botha [joe frogfoot com] for the suggestion! (collapse)

David Madison,
Jeroen Wijering
Uses JW Player and ffmpeg to include FLV videos in albums.    .. (expand)

   % album -media/flv:no_symlink (collapse)

Antoine Emerit
Uses the <video...> or <audio...> HTML tags to include videos and audios with an embedded player in albums.

   % album -media/html5player:show_license

David Madison,
Jeroen Wijering
Uses JWPlayer/Mediaplayer to include videos with an embedded player in albums.    .. (expand)

   % album -media/videoplayer:no_symlink (collapse)

David Hansen
Hide any albums that match a regex.

Matt Forrest
If the image is a link, use a link for the medium and thumbnail. The image must be in an album readable by the webserver    (or have a 'tn/' directory)

Scott J. Bertin
Have images stored in one place appear in albums elsewhere.    .. (expand)

This plugin uses many hooks, and modifies album's internal data structures. Not all hooks are used for their intended purpose, so it should be loaded as the first plugin if possible. (collapse)

Scott J. Bertin
Sort pics/dirs as specified in a file (default "album.order").    .. (expand)

If an item appears twice in the file, the order of that item will depend on the first occurence that is found when the search is made. This creates interesting possibilities for ordering with and without the reverse_sort option. If you put an item both first and last in the file, it will appear first regardless of the reverse_sort option, assuming no unknowns, or an [:UNKNOWNS:] line between the 2 occurrences. (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Plugin: social/facebook-comments    .. (expand)

This plugin requires the use of the 'format/opengraph' plugin (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Plugin: social/facebook-like    .. (expand)

This plugin requires the use of the 'format/opengraph' plugin (collapse)

Volker Sauer
Plugin: social/flattr    .. (expand)

   Volker Sauer (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
Creates an HTML captioned index of all the photos in a hierarchy of albums.

David Ljung Madison
Create a new plugin framework by answering a few simple questions

Matti Laitala
Adds left, right and up arrow key navigation to easy usability while browsing thumbnailed album. Left arrow goes to previous image and right arrow to next image. Arrow up navigates one level up. .. (expand)

Author: Matti Laitala Modifications: David Ljung Madison (collapse)

David Ljung Madison
This will move images from one album to another. It also moves associated files (thumbnails, medium) and updates captions.txt    .. (expand)

You can view usage with: % album -mv -h (collapse)

These pages were, of course, generated by a perl script with this source