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+ : new feature
- : deprecated feature
* : bugfix

Version 4.17, 2020/03/24
+ Cleanup of facebook plugins, moved -album_url to main album options
+ xy_cache plugin now respects -force and -force_html

Version 4.16, 20??/??/??
+ Workaround for ImageMagick bug 'Thread creation failed'

Version 4.15, 2016/04/19
+ Update for a new, new way to handle animated gifs
* Big fixes for plugins social/facebook-comments and social/facebook-like
+ Change for captions.txt: "
" no longer upgrades caption to name Version 4.14, 2015/03/02 ------------------------ * Small change for galbum (-crf -v) Version 4.13, 2015/03/02 ------------------------ + Fixed some options and usage for galbum + Many UI improvements to galbum + New plugin: captions/exif/strftime.alp (Thanks Steven Schubiger) Version 4.12, 2014/02/23 ------------------------ * Small bugfix for specifying clip time for movie thumbnails: "[thumb=3.2s]" Version 4.11, 2014/02/03 ------------------------ + New plugins: social/facebook-comments and social/facebook-like + New plugins: images/exactimage (Thanks F. Breitling) + Plugin speedup: images/autorot (Thanks Simon Oosthoek) * Small 'has_thumb' bugfix (Thanks Brian Carlstrom, bdc carlstrom com) * Small fix for 'modify_caption' hook so it only gets called once. Version 4.10, 2013/05/30 ------------------------ * Cleaned up much of the 'perl -cw' warnings Version 4.09, 2013/05/04 ------------------------ + New plugin: utils/keynavigation.alp (Thanks Matti Laitala, matti.laitala gmail com) + Added 'album::add_image_head' for image specific code * Updated 'write_image_page' hook so that is was consistent for theme/notheme + Updated to avconv instead of deprecated ffmpeg (To keep using ffmpeg: '-ffmpeg ffmpeg') * Cleaned up much of the 'perl -cw' warnings Version 4.08, 2012/09/27 ------------------------ [[[update digikam at thebarters with new modify_caption plugin format]]] [[update google_analytics plugin]] + Updated simmer_theme (3.11) and updated all themes (RSS support!) + Updated plugin: extra/rss (Thanks Guy Albertelli II - from 2007, sorry it got lost!) + New option: -theme_full_info - major speedups for themes (when not used) + -sort exif for exif date sorting (Thanks Mihkel Ader, nodscytale gmail com) + New plugin: social/flattr (Thanks Volker Sauer) + New plugin: format/piwik (Thanks Volker Sauer) + New plugin: images/exactimage (Thanks Frank Breitling) + Can now have multiple hooks for 'do_album' (things like 'google_analytics') as well as modify_caption and modify_dir_caption + Can specify clip time for movies in captions.txt (i.e. "[thumb=3.2s]"); (May need to use -force and -force_html) * Handling of multi-page pdf/ps files (Thanks Matthew Probst) Version 4.07, 2010/08/12 ------------------------ + New plugin: images/annotate-medium (Thanks Joe Botha) + Plugins can call back the function that hooked them without a recursive loop * jhead used for 'JPG' as well as 'jpg' (Thanks Kevin Barter) + Russian language support (Thanks Stas Degteff) + New theme: hover (Thanks Todd Foster) * Fixed man page missing NAME (Thanks Eriberto, debian maintainer!) Version 4.06, 2009/08/12 ------------------------ + No longer fatals out on corrupted images (Thanks Alex Roper, alexr ugcs caltech edu) * Fixed missing files in packages Version 4.05, 2008/12/21 ------------------------ + WINDOWS GUI (galbum) + Windows ActiveState Perl theme support! + New hooks added for media style plugins (like media/flv) + Added media/flv plugin for FLV support! + Added album:: routines for plugins add_head, add_header, add_footer + Added piclens plugin for piclens slideshow support! (Thanks Reidar D. Midtun, reidar midtun dyndns org) + Added exif/gps plugin for gps exif support (Thanks Andreas K Huettel, + New plugin: format/google_analytics + Added Hungarian docs (Thanks György Károly * digikam.alp fix for finding top directory (Thanks Kevin Barter) * Overlay type (Thanks again Laura Baldwin, boojum mit edu) * Now checking for -medium changes to deciding if we need to rewrite img pages (Thanks Rick Baartman, baartman lin12 triumf ca) + Added -crf and -license options for GUI support Version 4.04, 2008/03/13 ------------------------ * Fixed overlay of images (now needs "px"?) (Thanks Laura Baldwin, boojum mit edu) + Added wmv to movie types (Thanks Kevin Walton, kevin unseen org) Version 4.03, 2007/12/20 ------------------------ + Fixed up album for CygWin changes - files are no longer quoted, no spaces in filenames! (Thanks to the patient Amarsena Reddy, Amarsena.Reddy varian com) + Added -usage for seeing as many options as you want + Added -thumb_post (Thanks Dave Hansen, dave sr71 net) + Added -folder_count (Thanks Dave Hansen, dave sr71 net) + Added hidden -dtheme and -Dtheme options * Fixed deprecated option output * Fixed dependency checking for image HTML lost in v4.00 * exif/mouseover plugin now works for child albums (Thanks George Hansper, georgeh anstat com au) * Improved XHTML output (replaced 'td background=...') + Language: French is mostly complete, as well as docs + Better handling of convert animated gif file renaming bugs (Thanks Jon Daley) * Proper handling of thumbs in other dirs (due to plugins) (Thanks Dave Hansen) Version 4.02, 2007/01/19 ------------------------ + Language: German now 100%, added Spanish and Catalan * Bugfix for new installs (two subs named 'install_language') Version 4.01, 2007/01/08 ------------------------ + New languages: fr, zh-cn, cs, it, ko, de + Themes can now support multi-lingual images. (Easy using update of simmer_theme) See example: Themes/Blue/lang/nl/ + Themes have more translations (number of images, More albums, etc..) + Added -check_lang and -list_html_trans support + New plugin: images/xy_cache * Fixed empty directory thumbnail bug * Fixed/improved _curr_plugin/_curr_hook API. * Plugged captions/db/digikam db resource leak (Thanks Anders Bolager, anders bolager com) * Fixed '\\' bug with -make_lang * Small get_option fix for plugins (and option_changed) Version 4.00, 2006/12/17 ------------------------ + Full language/i18n support! See -lang, -list_langs, and -lang_path + New languages: (en), he, nl, pl as well as banner, l33t and swedish_chef + Option -make_lang for creating easy language templates + New plugin: captions/exif/mouseover + New plugin: org/link (Thanks Matt Forrest, mforrest scs ryerson ca) + Added 3gp support using ffmpeg. Another other movie formats people need? + Added -nothumbs support (Thanks Marten van Wezel, marten arago utwente nl) + Changed -hash_width option to -screen_width * Fixed save_conf multiple-saving of multiple array/code values * Errors now pass non-zero exit value * Fixed -noknown_images (Thanks Dougie Nisbet, album highmoor co uk) * Return to XHTML valid (Thanks Markus Mayer, mmayer blastwave org) Version 3.13, 2006/10/10 ------------------------ + New plugin: format/meta + Cleaned up image preloading and added "AddOnload" javascript for plugins (Update your themes for proper image preloading) + Themes can now do num(This_Image) (Thanks Daniel K, DKml xs4all nl) * Better fix for double exif captioning (Thanks Joseph Dery, joedery gmail com) * Fix for medium_scale_opts (Thanks Glyn Davies, agdavies gmail com) * Removed unnecessary zips and tars in Themes packaging Version 3.12, 2006/06/14 ------------------------ + Added -create_plugin plugin code + New -slideshow support (for most themes) + Added overlay thumbnail support. Themes are simpler and cooler! See FunLand as an example. Also updated simmer_theme. + Added 'album -mv' syntax (just a shortcut for the 'utils/mv' plugin) + Added -credit (global footer) (Thanks Dave Hansen, dave sr71 net) + Added -case_sort option (used to be default!) (Thanks Samuel Denis D'Ortun, * Changed ImageMagick calls to handle new syntax (~v6.25) (Thanks John Westlund, john.westlund gmail com) + Added -follow_symlinks (Thanks Dave Hansen, dave sr71 net) + Added hide_album hook (Thanks Dave Hansen, dave sr71 net) + Add hook 'end_handle_file' (needed for plugin: format/hide_regex) * Fixed handling of -no_* in plugin options. * Fixed caption_edit.cgi directory caption problem (upgrade to CGI v1.07!) (Thanks Kathryn Hogg, kjh flyballdogs com) * Moved dir_thumb hook so it still counts images/folders + Patches: full path to find files (Thanks Scott Bertin, scottbertin yahoo com) + Added data-> head and body_tag Version 3.11, 2006/04/09 ------------------------ + Changed ffmpeg option from singlejpeg to mjpeg, ffmpeg also now handles mp4 + Changed 'do_album*' hooks to skip album generation on false + Added hooks: gather_contents, gather_contents_item * Patches: Fix stop_hashes hook, thumbnail/medium hooks, -burn 'index.html' (Thanks Scott Bertin, scottbertin yahoo com) * Double exif captioning (Thanks Roland Rosenfeld, roenv spinnaker de and John Sellens, jsellens generalconcepts com) + Plugin: images/epeg (Thanks Scott J. Bertin, scottbertin yahoo com) + New theme: Stamp. Updated theme: W_Peterman * Change for themes: Get($dir, 'dir') -> Get($dir, 'file') * Fixed issue with old 'medium *\\>' album.conf options. (Thanks Waldy Wisniewski, waldy wizfamily co uk) * Fixed -h/-plugin_usage bug * Fixed -clean to also include commented out images. Version 3.10, 2005/11/01 ------------------------ + Plugin support + New plugins: utils/mv, many others + Massively improved/corrected/clarified arg saving in conf files + Improved dependency checking + Use (fast!) Image::Size if available (Thanks Dave Hansen, dave sr71 net) + Can now clear array options with -no * -transform_url fix for %s * diff_path now handles ActiveState windows paths for all cases + Added image overlay support for themes (see simmer_theme.3.03 & OldPhoto) + Added "Indexes:" progress bar for slower machines (like mine!) + Added -no_virgin_check option (for caption_edit and other CGI) + Added -image_headers for no_theme output (and set default to 0) + Medium/thumbnail images regenerated only when -medium/-geometry changed. (Thanks Andy Somerville, andy.somerville gmail com) * -no_image_loop now works with no_theme output * Default output is now Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (Thanks Goran Sandin, Goran.Sandin abc se) * Fixed poor quoting of img alt and title tags + Added link tags for First/Last and album Up * Improved -name_length shortening algorithm to avoid bad HTML + Replaced -date_sort and -name_sort with -sort [captions,name,date] + Added perldocs to caption_edit.cgi * Fixed saving '#' in config files (Thanks Diego Liziero, diegoliz gmail com) * Fixed problem with using movies as directory thumbnails * Fixed inability to add non-images with -no_known_images * Small path fix for "Your album has moved" false negative * Fixed stupid split_path bug that disliked the letter 'Q'. The shame.. (also fixed StoryCaption bug and alignment problem) * Initial config menus now support ~/path (Thanks Dylan G., dylang thock com) (Thanks Friedrich Pukelsheim, pukelsheim math uni-augsburg de) * Can handle '# commented' captions with spaces after '#' (Thanks Matt Roberts, matt.roberts bigfoot com) * Fixed clean case-sensitivity, -medium_type and parentheses bugs (Thanks Matthew J. Probst, mprobst probst org) * Fixed incorrect "Your album has been moved" trigger (Thanks Dwight Dover, dwidov alltel net) * Default theme now supports -no_album_captions * Fixed attempt_require for Cwd so that it doesn't error (nobody told me!) Version 3.07, 2004/12/30 ------------------------ + Name shortening (-name_length) no longer splits html tags and &chars; + img title tags now same as alt tags * Fixed problem with multiple -exif evaluations * Fix saving of -medium in conf files. Version 3.06, 2004/12/07 ------------------------ + Updated Story, StoryCaption themes to v3 API + Small cleanup to BigMaste * Fixed font-date-/font stuff once and for all. * Fixed difference between no_album and hide_album * Fixes release typo in Minimalist theme Version 3.05, 2004/07/23 ------------------------ * -notop now works with most themes. * scale_opts typos * Fixed pImage_Src bug in deprecated theme API code for older style themes. * No longer ignores "_files" * Gracefully handles missing thumbnail/ffmpeg errors + Added New_Row() support routine + Initial plugin infrastructure (not really being used yet..) + Maste theme improvements including dir_thumbs Version 3.04, 2004/07/14 ------------------------ * Fixed dependency problem with exif_image/album Version 3.03, 2004/07/13 ------------------------ + Theme API and conversion docs, simmer_theme docs. * Fixed problem with top/back link * No more 'Skipping unknown HTML' on .no_album dirs * No more font tags inserted in titles. Version 3.02, 2004/07/05 ------------------------ + Cleaned up output "Read conf:" * -add doesn't include default directory * Added dependency check to movie_frame generation * Added image page dependency check on -exif option * conf, -add and usage updates. * -clean and -index work together now. Version 3.01, 2004/06/29 ------------------------ * Fixed small problem with -clean and empty dirs * Differentiated betwen dir/.no_album and dir/.hide_album Version 3.00, 2004/06/28 ------------------------ + COMPLETE REWRITE + Theme and theme API cleanup + Directory thumbnails + Configuration files + New installation process + Lock images for .htaccess albums, theme cleanup + All new documentation + Better Windows support + Ability to use separate exif captions for album/image pages (Thanks Joel Emer, joel emer org) + Many, many more features/additions Version 2.53, 2004/04/25? ------------------------ * Thumbnails for similar filenames are different (a.jpg vs a.gif) (Thanks Robert Lange, robert.lange s1999 tu-chemnitz de) Version 2.52, 2004/01/28 ------------------------ + Clarified credit line Version 2.51, 2003/11/15 ------------------------ + Album directories can have captions (only some themes) (Thanks Chris Lawson, cl tinfoilhat ca) + Better handling of animated gifs * Small exif bugfix * Fixed small diff_path problem Version 2.50, 2003/11/11 ------------------------ + Can now add EXIF info using jhead (Thanks Vin Scarlata, vincent.r.scarlata intel com & Zainul zainul ee iitb ac in & Durval Menezes durval tmp com br & Rudolph van der Merwe rvdmerwe ece ogi edu & Neal McBurnett neal bcn boulder co us & Marcell Lengyel marcell.lengyel solidtech com & Philippe Duperron pduperron seditel fr & countless others...) Version 2.49, 2003/11/03 ------------------------ + Added -noembed option Version 2.48, 2003/09/11 ------------------------ + Commented (#) captions are the same as .no_album (Thanks Juergen, js ub uni-marburg de) + Option -index now allows postfix as well (default is .html) (Thanks Jan Hnatek, Version 2.47, 2003/06/19 ------------------------ + Update to support major changes in caption_edit.cgi (Thanks for inspiration, Jason Dufair, Version 2.46, 2003/05/31 ------------------------ + Added -add option so you don't have to regenerate entire albums Version 2.45, 2003/04/07 ------------------------ + Added -no_image_loop (Thanks Todd Foster, tefrsf bronxfellowship org) Version 2.44, 2003/01/21 ------------------------ + Added -just_medium option to not link to full size images * Improved theme error output Version 2.43, 2003/01/15 ------------------------ * Files are properly quoted and fix_urls now covers everything it should (Thanks Vaclav Dvorak, * .mov files now work + Directory name in captions.txt can just be "." (Thanks bernhard.nebel gmx de) + Added javascript to preload prev/next images (Thanks tbjorkman charter net) Version 2.42, 2003/01/08 ------------------------ * Fixed some bugs, added jhead feature for getting jpeg size (Thanks Carl Schott, cschott charter net) Version 2.41, 2003/01/08 ------------------------ + Added -caption_edit and caption_edit.cgi script (Thanks Bennemann Christoph TB, BennemannC swe-gmbh de) Version 2.40, 2002/10/29 ------------------------ + No more "Broken Pipe" messages (Thanks Quentin Dunchue: que qnr biz) + Added theme_url option for specifying absolute path to themes Version 2.39, 2002/09/21 ------------------------ + Switched to ffmpeg for movie frame extractor (Thanks Vaclav Dvorak, Version 2.38, 2002/09/12 ------------------------ * Proper handling for images with negative co-ordinates [Jim Dinan] Version 2.37, 2002/08/17 ------------------------ + New charset option for non-themed output * Doesn't try to clean /path/names of captions (oops) Version 2.36, 2002/06/18 ------------------------ + Changed Back() in themes to be quoted like other theme functions ! You will need to update your theme to upgrade to v2.36 ! Version 2.35, 2002/05/08 ------------------------ + Win98/Win2k should be working (Thanks Michael Mayer, Michael.Mayer enerflex com, & Don Roebuck, don1two hotmail com, & Christof Brandauer, cbrand poseidon newmedia at, & Watson, watson_dd yahoo com, & countless others...) Version 2.34, 2002/04/11 ------------------------ + All sorts of new Windows code (Thanks Magnus von Koeller, + Fix for unknown images in album + Handle umlauts, etc.. in filenames + Added -name_sort to ignore order in caption file Version 2.33, 2002/03/29 ------------------------ + Added -reverse_sort option (Thanks jay johnston, j shambolic com) Version 2.32, 2002/03/18 ------------------------ + Removed ePerl dependency, *massive* 300% speedups! Version 2.31, 2002/02/08 ------------------------ + Can sort dir/images by date (-date_sort) + Can limit printed name length (-name_length) + Improved Windows functionality - works on most Windows variants! + alt tags now default to name Version 2.30, 2002/02/06 ------------------------ * Oops! Regeneration of album with medium images was screwing up! (Thanks Ryan Mack, rmack mackman net) Version 2.29, 2002/01/23 ------------------------ * Fixed loss of .no_album feature Version 2.28, 2002/01/22 ------------------------ + New option: -medium_type Version 2.27, 2002/01/17 ------------------------ + Properly orders files listed without captions in captions.txt (Thanks Robert-Jan Oosterloo, robertjan frettenflat nl) Version 2.26, 2002/01/14 ------------------------ + Works easier for Windows folks Version 2.25, 2001/12/27 ------------------------ + Directories can now rename themselves in their own captions txt Version 2.24, 2001/12/12 ------------------------ + New option -CROP (top|bottom|left|right) (Thanks Shane Bouslough, Shane.Bouslough eurekaggn com) Version 2.23, 2001/11/29 ------------------------ + Nifty progress 'thermometer' printed during thumbnail generation (Thanks DKL, Version 2.22, 2001/11/27 ------------------------ + (Security improvement) Theme path saved in HTML is no longer absolute (Thanks DKL,, & Kyushima Masahiro, kyushima_masahiro hosp pref okinawa jp) Version 2.21, 2001/11/06 ------------------------ + Switched default thumbnail to jpg because it looks better and because convert -> gif format is buggy. + You will probably need to run -clean once to get rid of all the .gif thumbnails. * Improved sizing of mpg files + Fixed small date bug in non-theme index files Version 2.20, 2001/10/22 ------------------------ + Added -depth feature to limit descending of directories. + Added .not_img as well as .no_album tags + Added --med_scale_opts and --ful_scale_opts * Name of image page for non-themes now uses captions + Fixed -known_images problem that was missing images (Thanks Salim Idriss, sfi aiki mc duke edu) Version 2.19, 2001/10/04 ------------------------ + Improved ability to find relative theme path anywhere inside web root (Thanks Caleb Storms, CalebStorms com) Version 2.18, 2001/09/25 ------------------------ + Non-tab separator for caption files is now a double colon + Added mpg support (Thanks Peter Chow, PeterChow com) + Ignores CVS,SCCS,RCS directories (Thanks Dylan R. E. Moonfire, dmoonfire yahoo com) Version 2.17, 2001/09/04 ------------------------ + Sorts images/directories according to the order in the captions file (Thanks Nancy Mazur, Nancy.Mazur cs kuleuven ac be & Gabriel Burca, gburca yahoo com) Version 2.16, 2001/08/07 ------------------------ + If -index specifies the default index, then it will use it in the URLs + Default captions file changed from Captions to captions.txt + Captions file can be split with colons if no tabs are found in the file. + Added docs, created .tar.gz download + Added --full_scale_opts and --med_scale_opts * Fixed image name in Maste theme * Fixed Column Film Maste dkl frames simple simple2 to work with -medium Version 2.15, 2001/07/18 ------------------------ * Added quoting to -medium, so spaces and whatnot will work Version 2.14, 2001/07/13 ------------------------ * -medium now works for themes (Thanks Dr. Hendrik G. Seliger, Hendrik.Seliger gmx net, & Joseph E. Mainusch, Joseph.Mainusch osa com) Version 2.13, 2001/07/10 ------------------------ + (Somewhat) improved output for non-theme -nocrop option + Completely update Captions file parsing Version 2.12, 2001/07/04 ------------------------ + Can now generate medium size images for web viewing as well as keeping the fullsize raw images. (Thanks Stephan Skrodzki, skrodzki stevelap convergence de, & Aron Atkins, aron sidehack sat gweep net, & Guido Schade, schade pixelpark com, & countless others) + Happy Fourth of July! Version 2.11, 2001/06/25 ------------------------ + Only generates image pages when necessary, big speedup! (*First* run of new album will take full time, though) + Cleaned up index page writing code, only starts writing page when all images are generated (to reduce chance of viewers getting a blank page) * Fixed "double-theme" writing bug (when more than one theme was specified) * Changed URL: "/to/some/dir" to: "/to/some/dir/" (notice '/') Version ?.??, ????/??/?? ------------------------ + Somewhere in here I released Windows support, though I forgot to log it. (Thanks many, including Torben Jensen tdj dds nl) Version 2.10, 2001/05/23 ------------------------ * Fixed 'next' instead of 'return' that was causing perl5.6 to segfault :( Version 2.09, 2001/05/22 ------------------------ * Fixed header/footer printing problem (depended on where album was run) (Thanks Andrew M. Bishop, amb gedanken demon co uk) + If -nocrop is used, images aren't stretched inside thumbnail * Fixed bug where META (previous) theme was ignored if no args supplied Version 2.08, 2001/04/25 ------------------------ + Added -all and stopped descending .directories by default (Thanks Sujeetharan, + Added --scale_opts ability to specify things like -profile and -quality (Thanks Dustin Travis, dustin acceleration net) Version 2.07, 2001/04/17 ------------------------ + Maintains theme settings for next album generation + Added -no_theme option to override above feature Version 2.06, 2001/04/13 ------------------------ + Improved thumbnail generation (Thanks Alan Stein, + Added -sample and -body Version 2.05, 2001/03/23 ------------------------ + Added isHeader, pHeader, isFooter, pFooter to theme support, updated themes (Thanks Ed Lawson, elawson lawson-philpot com) Version 2.04, 2001/03/18 ------------------------ + Added -top option (though not in usage) + Added Back() and Index() to theme support functions Version 2.03, 2001/03/09 ------------------------ * Workaround perlbug that screwed up image size in image pages Version 2.02, 2001/03/05 ------------------------ + Added parsing of CROP directives in filenames Version 2.01, 2001/03/05 ------------------------ * Fixed alt= tags so they don't convert spaces (Thanks Ed Maste, e2maste engmail uwaterloo ca) Version 2.00, 2001/02/25 ------------------------ + IMAGE PAGE creation + known_images now completely ignores non-images + Ignore zero-length files + Usage now shows defaults + THEME SUPPORT (Thanks DKL, Version 1.16, 2001/02/11 ------------------------ + Ignore .htaccess files (Thanks Veli-Pekka Lehtosaari, vplehto ww iki fi) Version 1.15, 2001/02/07 ------------------------ * Fixed typo in meta tags (missing '>') (Thanks Erik O'Shaughnessy, eriko schwa central sun com) Version 1.14, 2001/02/05 ------------------------ + Added -known_images (Thanks DKL, Version 1.13, 2001/01/30 ------------------------ * Fixed quotes in filenames (all filename characters should be okay now) (Thanks DKL, Version 1.12, 2001/01/23 ------------------------ + Added fix_urls option (should probably improve this) * Fixed handling of files with shell characters (spaces, brackets..) (Thanks Stefan Recksiegel, stefan post kek jp) Version 1.11, 2001/01/22 ------------------------ + Added ability to ignore directories/files + identify option no longer needed, now automated * nosizes option applies to non-images as well * Fixed: -clean was improperly comparing files with regex in them Version 1.10, 2001/01/08 ------------------------ + Integrated thumb into album + Added many options, cleaned up option handling and usage + New Meta-Generator string for recognizing which HTML is safe to overwrite + Now can regenerate sub-trees of an album without losing album path info + Added -clean to remove unused images from thumbnail directories + Ignores files that end in ~ for emacs folks + Captions support for people who don't want to rename all their files + Fixed spacing between img tag and image name + Output now XHTML conformant (Thanks Leigh L. Klotz, Jr, klotz graflex org) + Added -sizes/-nosizes options Version 1.01 ------------ * links to previous albums were broken + Started revisioning, created CHANGELOG Version 1.00 ------------ + Public release
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