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The default output of album is very plain, we recommend using a theme:

Writing Themes

Want to write your own themes? It's actually pretty easy! See Writing Themes

If you've created a theme, please mail it to me to add to this list. Unless you specify otherwise, I'll assume that themes sent to me are donations to the album software package, if you want to maintain your copyright please let me know.

Theme Table

(Or see the Theme Album) To see what a theme looks like, click on the name:

These themes require album v3.06 or higher to run

Theme Download Notes Creator
AlfredsWorld dir, tar, zip Inspired by 'DropPurple'. Utilizing transparent thumbnail borders and overlays. Frank Brehm
Baby dir, tar, zip Baby pictures theme JBoismartel, based off SimmerTheme
BigMaste dir, tar, zip For big images, very little dressing or spacing Ed Maste and Dave
Binder dir, tar, zip Binder photo album David Freeman
BitchFlora dir, tar, zip Inspired by.. *ahem* David Simmer
BitchMartha dir, tar, zip Inspired by.. *ahem* David Simmer
Black3 dir, tar, zip Simple black theme with HTML borders and image at top of page. Alan Clifford
Blue dir, tar, zip Blue is my favorite color :) David Simmer
Column dir, tar, zip Just a straight column of thumbnails Dave Madison
Craftsman dir, tar, zip Craftsman rocks! David Ljung Madison
Dominatrix6 dir, tar, zip Crack that whip! David Simmer
DropFloat dir, tar, zip Dropfloat theme version 0.3. Thumbnails are floating buttons. Has problems with different aspect ratios and long captions. (see plugin 'hide_shorten') Helmar Wieland
DropPurple dir, tar, zip Dynamic Dropshadows using CSS/XHTML. Comes with icons for other colors: grey, sage, violet, white, beige + gimp files to create more. Kurt Edelmann, based on Floating by Helmar Wieland (helmar and SlidesCSS by Pat Carr (pato
DropShadow dir, tar, zip Simple drop shadow Marginal Hacks
Eddie Bauer dir, tar, zip Inspired by Eddie Bauer outdoor style David Simmer
Film dir, tar, zip Do you wanna be in pictures? Dave Madison
FilmFrames dir, tar, zip Film Frame example. Frames with configurable slide show. Frank Celler, based on Frames theme by Dave Madison, updates by Yuri Shirman
Floating dir, tar, zip Floating thumbnails (no tables), using CSS/XHTML Helmar Wieland (helmar
Frames dir, tar, zip Frame example - a little kludgy because the theme has to write multiple HTML files Dave Madison, cleanup by Frank Celler
FunLand dir, tar, zip Super happy funland! Utilizing transparent thumbnail borders. David Simmer
GeneFrames dir,
HodgePodge dir, tar, zip Puts recently modified sub-albums at the top of the page. Has global menu at top that would need to be customized. Password protected if using PHP extension. By Bryan Bueter, based on DropPurple and OSWD theme Localize
IFI Emboss dir, tar, zip Emboss Theme Zoltán Ivánfi - GPL, see "LICENSE"
IconZoom dir, tar, zip Javascript-based dynamic resizing of thumbnails, handy if you have lots of images on the one page. Can replace 8-piece borders easily, currently uses BitchFlora borders. George Hansper < first_name @ >
Ivy dir, tar, zip Ivy theme Steve Richardson
J Peterman dir, tar, zip J. Peterman, good stuff, good design. David Simmer
KDE Style dir, tar, zip A simple theme based on Konqueror's (KDE's file manager) default theme. Respects the -columns setting. Handles well the -no_crop option and html or media files in albums. Lucian Precup
Laxative dir, tar, zip Pepto Bismol? Dave has some weird ideas. David Simmer
Maste dir, tar, zip Nice and clean, simple theme Ed Maste
Minimalist dir, tar, zip Minimalistic theme. Based on "Slide". Requires CSS. Removed all the 'font' tags (c) January Weiner
Mudrovanja dir,
NewFloat dir, tar, zip NewFloat - thumbnails are floating buttons (CSS) (c)2003 Helmar Wieland - License >=GPLv2
No Crop dir, tar, zip A simple theme that handles the -no_crop option really well (though the example album is cropped..) Chris Meyer
OldPhoto dir, tar, zip Old Photo overlay example, makes the photos look tattered, scratched and faded. Dave Madison with help from Dave Simmer
Orange dir, tar, zip Spacy variation on Blue Christopher L.
Outdoors dir, tar, zip Floating thumbnails (no tables), using CSS/XHTML. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Helmar Wieland , Modified by Shawn Stepper , Slideshow by Lytebox
Paperbook dir, tar, zip Old-fashioned paper and fancy corners; thumbnail and image borders different. Laura Baldwin
PopUp dir, tar, zip PopUp: Popsup an image window, click to close David Ljung Madison
SaltySquid dir, tar, zip Simply one-color borders Brian Legg
Slides dir, tar, zip Simple photo slide border, graphics based on cthumb David Madison
SlidesCSS dir, tar, zip Slides using CSS/XHTML Pat Carr (pato, based on Floating by Helmar Wieland (helmar
Stamp dir, tar, zip Return to sender David Simmer
Stars dir, tar, zip Another simmer_theme with star graphics brett schultz
Story dir, tar, zip Story form - text from file "Story.html" or "Text.html" between two columns of thumbs. Based off Maste by DaveSource. Dave Madison
StoryCaption dir, tar, zip Like Story theme, but interlaces image captions between two images. Dave Madison
Thocar dir, tar, zip CSS2 theme with floating navigation (uses PNG) Thomas Carrié
Uptight dir, tar, zip Very plain by default, but output is HTML 4.01 and can be customized with stylesheets. A theme for pedantic people :) Mary Gardiner
W Peterman dir, tar, zip Wavy J. Peterman. Like the J. Peterman theme with waves around the thumbnails. Doesn't stretch well for odd thumbnail sizes. David Simmer
X-Files dir, tar, zip The truth is out there (and here are some pictures of it) David Simmer
Zeitoun dir, tar, zip A lightweight theme with floating thumbnails. This theme uses a valid XHTML structure with easy configurable CSS files. Stéphane GULLY
cthumb dir, tar, zip Redone graphics based on cthumb by Carlos Puchol, who I was surprised to find out is a co-worker of mine! David Simmer
dkl dir, tar, zip The first theme ever! DKL
hover dir, tar, zip Trendy javascript-enabled theme using internal popups. Respects -slideshow and -just_medium flags. Todd Foster
javascript.dkl dir, tar, zip Javascript theme - all photos need to be the same size DKL
simple dir, tar, zip Simple example. Like the default (non-theme) output with small changes, such as image thumbs for prev/next. Dave Madison
simple-Czech dir, tar, zip Simple theme written in Czech (you can also do: "album -lang cs -theme simple ...") Vaclav Dvorak
simple2 dir, tar, zip Simple example 2, based on the simple theme by Dave Madison but with more condensed image pages. Thomas Lundqvist

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