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Not sure if album is the right choice for you?
Here's what some people are saying about album:

(I love hearing from people about album! Please send me your comments!)

Jayanthan: The script 'album' written by you is simply the BEST available in the net. There are some album generators in sourceforge and some other places, but there is none to compare with your script. The huge variety of themes make it even greater.

Branden Loizides: Your "album" script is really cool! It's exactly what I've been looking for. has a ton of photo gallery scripts, but this one suits me best. Good job!

Clayton A. Burnham: I have tried many of the photo album generators but yours is the best and easiest. Yours was the only one to work as expected without adding a whole bunch of dependencies.

Bill Bradford: First, I *love* album... I much prefer album [over IDS] as it doesent depend on cpu-hoggy CGIs, and the output is much cleaner and usable. IDS was just a PIG, while this is *perfect*.

Michael and Erin Mayer: This is the most amazing piece of perl code I have ever seen. You made it easy -and- powerful, and cross platform too - I only had to install cygwin to get it to function under my evil Windows 2000 server.

parmenpj (at yahoo dot com): Dave, I have a complaint - it's about all other album generators. They suck.

Caleb Storms: I love this script. It has made my life much much easier, i don't know what I would do without it.

Glenn Turnbull: Dave, this has to be the best Photo and Image album generator bar none, it is brilliant.

Mike Fabricius: I downloaded your album script a week or so ago. It is brilliant. I used to use ACDSee and my pages looked a mess. Now I use album on linux and they are so much nicer. (And easier to administrate.)

Xavier Renaut: album is just plain great !

Stephan Skrodzki: Let me congratulate you on your very nice album. This is exactly the lightwight program I was looking for to get along with my growing picture database for my digital camera.

Aron Atkins: I downloaded your album Perl script last night and was impressed with how quickly I could get something working.

Sujee Sivasubramaniyam: Just tried album-2.16. Holy cow, it is blazingly fast!! nice job :-)

Catalin A. Francu: Great program! Made my life a little less busy. Thanks!

Gerald Debroux: I really like the generated web-pages. Never saw such a nice one being generated automatically.

Figaro Mazur: Organizing my fresh digital camera pictures used to be a hell, now I can simply add new material, rerun album, and whopla, there it all is.

P3t3 Cowan: Great piece of software. I'd been looking for something like this forever, I'm glad it's so flexible.

Veli-Pekka Lehtosaari: Tested your new version of album. It's GREAT. Now it does everything I had before, but a lot better thou.

Paul Dunbar: I want to compliment you on album, great script!

Paul Johnson: I like the album program very much.

Rob Snow: I really like ./album, nice work.

John Wright: I have found your album script very cool (and very useful!).

Jean-Francois Dive: First of all, thanks for this script, it is exactly what i was looking for.

Jeremy Freeman: Very easy to use and works like a charm. The themes are a very nice touch.

Vasek Smidl: thank you very much for "album". It is a great program.

Dylan R. E. Moonfire: Wonderful little bit of code. I enjoyed it very much.

Ralf Spachmann: I want to tell you that album is great ! It is exactly what I was looking for.

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