Old Jamaica
Ginger Beer

I make sure to try ginger beer wherever I go. I like really strong ginger taste in a really sweet drink.

I've found some good and some bad, but when I was in the UK I tried what I now understand to be my true love in the world of ginger beer, and that's D&G Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, made by Desnoes and Geddes Ltd.

And they don't sell it in the states (though a few import places will import it for a fee).

It has to be in a can, the bottle for some reason is lower quality (syrup instead of sugar and less carbonation).

Anyways, if you want to make my day and you know where you can find some Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, feel free to send me some, as did Alan Metcalfe from the U.K., who carried some when he flew in to the US and shipped in from the East Coast. Bless you, Alan!

Here's my glorious prize:

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