License for programs at DaveSource Marginal Hacks:

These programs aren't packaged in any sort of user-friendly format.
While most of it does something that I consider useful, plenty of it is old and written poorly and lacking documentation.
Lots of the programs here do not fit my definition of TRW.
If you're looking to write a script like one of these, yea.
If you don't program, tough noogies for you.

I recognize that this license is not OpenSource, this is quite deliberate

These programs come with absolutely no warranty.
The 'Rating' and 'Works (Y/N)' columns in the software index are no indication of the quality or ability of the programs.
Use at your own risk!

License for use:
The programs may be used for free.
They may be redistributed in their original format and with this license for free as well.
The programs may be modified for personal use as long as they retain the original license and author, copyright information.
If you modify any of these programs, please e-mail patches to the the author.
(If you think the patch isn't of general use, you can just email me about it first to check)
None of the programs can be sold or included in a product that is sold without prior written permisson from the author. (Free for non-commercial use)

Any other uses will require permission from the author.

You may not modify album to remove the credit line from any pages that are posted on the internet without permission from the author.

All these programs are copyright David Ljung Madison

I've made this software freely available for the following reasons:

  1. I like to think that I write useful software, so I want other people to use it.
  2. I felt like helping out a bit. This is not a common thing for me, so enjoy it.
  3. I use free software, and wanted to give something back.
  4. But if you want to help, you can send money

This information is subject to change.

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