Want a photo album?

If you want to generate an HTML photo album, then see album instead.
album does thumbnails and album generation.

What is it?

A thumbnail generator that can maintain aspect ratio while constraining size of thumbnails (In other words, all the thumbnails are the same shape, but they aren't stretched funny).
This is accomplished by cropping after resizing. This trick actually worked much better than I expected, since the subject of most photo album pictures is often near the center square of the photo. I only have one or two thumbnails in my photo album that have chopped someone's head off, and it's worth it to me to not have to generate thumbnails by hand.


This software is essentially free, but please read my payment spiel
Please read the full license


Here are three 100x100 thumbnails for different aspect photos:
(click on the thumbnail to see the original picture)

More examples can be found at my album page which uses the code in thumb to create photo albums.


It's a single perl script.


Isn't that what the '-h' flag is for? :)


  1. Perl, which kicks ass
  2. convert, from ImageMagick


It's just a perl script. No install required.

Revision History:

I wrote it, it works, mostly.