TKAlbum Changelog

Version 2.0 (Dec-04)

Version 1.02b (13-Apr-03)

Version 1.02 (8-Apr-03)

Version 1.01c (31-Jan-03)

Version 1.0 (21-Jan-03)

Version 0.10 (14-Jan-03)

Version 0.9 (21-Dec-02)

Version 0.8 (02-Dec-02)

Version 0.7 (14-Oct-02)

Version 0.6b (02-Oct-02)

Version 0.6a (02-Oct-02)

Version 0.6 (01-Oct-02)

Version 0.5 (26-Sep-02)

Version 0.4a (23-Sep-02)

Version 0.4 (21-Sep-02)

First version that was made public

Version 0.3 (20-Sep-02)

Version 0.2 (13-Sep-02)

Version 0.1 (09-Sep-02)

Basic functionality. Most of the file menu entries are not implemented and none of the Jpeginfo entries are implemented.