TKAlbum V2.00: Tcl/Tk GUI for 

 Photo Album Generation

TKAlbum is a graphical user interface assisting in the generation and maintenance of HTML photo albums. It uses the album script by David Ljung Madison, thejhead tool, the jpegtran utility, and the Image Magick tools to generate hierarchically organized HTML photo albums.

TKAlbum supports
The photos are stored in albums, which are organized in a hierarchical manner. Albums are implemented as directories, which contain the pictures and sub-albums, together with additional descriptive data and some cached data. The album script is used to generate HTML files and thumbnails from this structure, which can be viewed with any web browser. All pictures in one album are displayed as thumbnails on one HTML page. In addition, such a page contains some navigation elements.

Here are the files:

Bernhard Nebel, December, 2004