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DaVite is being updated as for more info, contact me.

Because of this, DaVite is no longer under development and is no longer supported, but I hope you find it useful!

What is it?

Try it!

    I've got a sample invite that you can play with as a guest.
    If you click on "Create Invite" it will send *me* a new invite. If you want to make one yourself, go to the DaVite main page.


  • Create and edit invitations online
  • Uses themes so it is completely customizable through the web
  • Invite more people
  • Generate invitation and reminder email
  • Handle replies and comments
  • Keep track of names and email privacy preferences
  • Host can choose remove guests, mail guests, choose to receive email notices for guest changes, allow/disallow guests to invite others
Sample Invite - see "Try it!" to the left


Here's problems with DaVite that I'd like to fix/implement.




This software is essentially free, but please read my payment spiel
Please read the full license


  1. Download the tar.gz.
  2. gunzip and untar the file, then put the CGI and DaVite/ directory in a CGI accessible place.
  3. Edit the paths at the top of DaVite.cgi (in the SETTINGS section)
  4. Install DaVite.cgi and the DaVite/ directory somewhere web-accessible. If the permissions have changed, do (under unix):

    chmod -R ugo+r DaVite.cgi DaVite/
    find DaVite/ -perm -u+x -print | xargs /bin/chmod go+x

  5. Install DaVite_Data/ OUTSIDE of your web directories, and make sure the contents are writable by the web user. Either do (under unix):

    chmod -R ugo+rw DaVite_Data/
    chmod ugo+x DaVite_Data/ DaVite_Data/Events/

    Or, even better (and safer):

    chown -R <webuser>:<webuser> DaVite_Data

    (where <webuser> is the login that your web server uses)

  6. Bring up the CGI in the web browser and you're ready to create an invite!

If you can't get the CGI to run at all, it's probably a web server configuration problem, and you're going to have to look somewhere else for info.

If you can get the CGI to partially run (i.e., you see a DaVite error instead of a web server error), then you probably need to fix your path settings at the top of DaVite.cgi

I also highly recommend downloading forge_pipe and installing it as setuid so that you can easily forge the outgoing invitation email from the invitation owner.


DaVite now works under Windows (at least WinNT), using

You can get easily via:



Play with it - it's mostly self-explanatory.


  1. Perl, which kicks ass

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